Removing the Barriers to Honoring Your Grief:

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

1pm-4pm @ Confluence Clinic (SW 6th ave.)

Cost: $50

Grief is a universal human experience that lives within our bodies as well as our minds and spirits. Living in a culture that doesn’t always embrace grief, it can often get stuck inside of us with nowhere to go.

This workshop will be a place to shed the stresses of how you are “supposed to” grieve and allow for space to honor where you are in your grief journey. Being in supportive community with others who are grieving will provide a safe and compassionate environment to help you explore your own grief while not feeling alone.

Come and honor your grief with a day of community support, yogic body movement & breathwork, and creative explorations of your grief.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

Register Here: Removing the Barriers to Honoring Your Grief