Support Groups

Healing Together holds various holistic support groups around the Portland area.  Valenca offers her groups as a complement to established wellness communities that desire to include the support group experience. Currently, Healing Together support groups are being held on the East side of Portland at Yoga Union and Downtown Portland at the Confluence Clinic.

Healing Together creates a trauma-informed and safe healing environment through holistic support groups that provide space for education, community support time, and holistic healing practices. Each group starts with the community building process, which includes forming community guidelines to ensure that everyone feels safe in their healing journey. Healing Together groups offer an empowering experience of self-discovery and education on various topics and themes around trauma, grief & loss, our health, cultural experiences, and life transitions. Additionally, Healing Together groups spend most of the time in community support with one another providing validation, encouragement, strength, and comfort. Each week together, Healing Together groups will close with various holistic practices, such as mindfulness, yoga & body movement, self-massage, holistic nutrition, writing for healing, image making, and more.


 Beyond #MeToo: A Safe Support Space for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm

July 18th, 2018- August 22nd, 2018

@ Confluence Clinic (SW 6th ave.)

“Beyond #MeToo” is an abbreviated 6-week Summer support group for those who identify as female and have a history of sexual trauma. This group provides a trauma-informed environment where everyone always has a choice in what they participate in and what they share of themselves within the group. Many women have powerful experiences just by being in community with each other, while many other woman will feel empowered through sharing their stories. The group environment creates a sense of  togetherness and community that will support both the individual & collective healing journeys of group members.

Weekly groups will offer themes and educational topics on how sexual trauma may effect our minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships. Much of our group time will be spent in community bonding and processing. Additionally, every group will incorporate holistic self-care and empowerment practices.

Healing Together: A Holistic Support Group for Trauma Survivors

Wednesdays 7:15pm-9:15pm

May 9th, 2018- June 27th, 2018

@ Yoga Union (SE 50th ave.)

“Healing Together” is an 8-week community support group for sharing, healing, and becoming empowered. Trauma reaches deep and wide. It can effect us in adverse childhood experiences, difficult family dynamics, abusive relationships, community & interpersonal violence, serious accidents, the death of a loved one, and many other ways. Research shows that trauma can wreak havoc on all of our systems, including our mental & physical health, as well as our relationships. The Healing Together group will meet each week to be in supportive community, provide space to process stories, learn about the MindBody connection and the psycho-physical effects of trauma, and to discover how trauma can effect our relationships. We’ll also engage in holistic self-care activities together.

Each week will begin with various educational topics about trauma, followed by community support time, and finishing with the practice of holistic healing activities and self-care. Weekly topics include:

  • Social and cultural constructs of trauma & who is effected by trauma
  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Somatic experience of trauma & integration of MindBody experience
  • Our Physical Health and Self-Care: holistic nutrition, health symptoms connected to trauma, self-care practices & self-massage
  • Family Dynamics and Intergenerational Trauma
  • Interpersonal relationships after trauma: intimacy, connection, vulnerability, and Self-Love


Community Connections Group

2nd Friday of every month 6:30pm-8:30pm

@ Gem Studio (1110 NE Glisan st.)

(Occasionally, we will meet at a different day/ time & location for “field trips”)

The “Community Connections” group is an ongoing support space for anyone who has participated in a Healing Together support group. This group has been created to provide ongoing support for those who wish to continue their healing journey with the Healing Together community. If  you have concluded a Healing Together support group and wish to continue to receive community support and empowerment, contact Valenca to get the upcoming dates for this ongoing group.

The Community Connections group provides community support time as well as holistic self-care practices. On occasion, the Community Connections group will meet out in the community to participate in various holistic activities with different practitioners around Portland. Some of the activities may include: mindfulness archery, mindfulness hikes, empowerment body movement classes, holistic cooking classes, art classes, and more.