I have created Healing Together to offer a trauma-informed and safe healing community that honors people where they are in their journeys. Healing Together provides an environment that encourages community support and interpersonal growth. I believe in a whole-person perspective and strive to provide a holistic healing experience that includes education on the health of our minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships. Additionally, our community support includes mindfulness practice, breathwork, body movement & yoga, writing for healing, and other creative therapeutic activities. On top of everything, I hope to give all of my groups an experience of empowerment and inspiration!

I am passionate about bridging holistic health with the support group experience and I feel honored to hold space for people who are in emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. For over 10 years, I have been facilitating trauma and grief groups for children, teens, and adults and I deeply believe in the healing power of groups and the interpersonal growth of healing together. I have blended my years of experience in the healing world to create a holistic approach to the therapeutic process. In 1998, I became a Certified Massage Therapist and worked with people’s physical injuries for many years before transitioning to become a clinical social worker so I could also help people mentally, emotionally, and socially. I have my Masters in Social Work from Portland State University and since starting my social work career in 2007, I have spent over 10 years helping children, teens, adults, & families on their journeys through trauma, grief & loss, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and social injustices. Additionally, I have been facilitating trauma groups through the Chrysalis Program since 2011 and have been helping the families in the violent death group at The Dougy Center since 2009. I am deeply rooted in my early experiences working with families who have encountered trauma and deep loss and I use this knowledge to guide my support groups. I have been trained in Trauma-Informed Yoga through Street Yoga and I am currently in training with Primal Vinyasa Yoga. I look forward to sharing this holistic experience with each group.

Through the years of helping others, I have also undergone my own personal journey of healing. I have found that it has been necessary for me to work on healing the physical, emotional, and relational aspects of my life equally in order to find my truth and become whole again. By working on myself from a holistic healing perspective I discovered a light inside that had been forgotten. I look forward to helping others find their own light through our journey of healing together!

With Gratitude,

Valenca Valenzuela Speer, MSW, CMT    206 (2014_07_26 15_23_20 UTC)