Healing Together believes in a diverse community and openly welcomes ALL people to come together in a trauma-informed holistic healing journey. All LGBTQ+, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join our community.

Here are some testimonials from our support group community:

“I was skeptical of participating in any sort of support group, and went into the experience assuming I would be too nervous to participate or speak. How wrong I was! From the very first session Valenca created a safe space for us to process our trauma, build each other up, and speak without fear of judgement. I emerged from the experience a truly changed woman, no longer feeling “forever broken” but instead recognizing my strength and how far I’ve already come in my healing journey. I recommend her group for anyone who is recovering from trauma, especially those who’ve been dealing with a trauma so long it feels permanent.”  — Karen

“Coming into this group, I hoped to work past some of the isolation and fear I felt surrounding my trauma. Valenca created a space where this was possible, introducing new topics each week that allowed all of us to support each other and create a community that allowed sustainable healing. I left this group knowing that I was not alone, and that I could always reach out if need be, which has made processing my trauma so much easier.”                                                                                                                                            –MP

“I had only just begun my healing when I discovered Valenca’s trauma group. This group helped me tremendously and was the perfect compliment to the work I was doing on my own. Valenca created a warm, welcoming, and safe space for us to share stories, offer support, learn and grow. I didn’t know much about post traumatic stress and how it gets stored in our bodies and minds. In order to truly heal and develop new coping skills, it’s important to not only speak our truth, but also to connect compassionately. This group provided me with a loving space to unlock and unload my emotions so I could become the strong and brave women I know I am. Healing is 100% possible, and this group gave me what I needed to deepen my journey to wholeness and happiness.” — Lara

“Joining Valenca’s trauma group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. In my experience, after meeting weekly with folks for these group meetings, a sense of community develops. It was the first time that I felt like I belonged somewhere. I was surrounded by kind, compassionate, understanding, and thoughtful people who were actually listening and hearing what I had to say—and not only that, but they knew the right ways to respond and the right things to say to make me feel validated and less alone. I would recommend Valenca’s groups to anyone.” — SC